Two Circles

Working my day job in downtown Toronto has given me an interesting look into a world that I never expected I would be in when I was studying Art History in university. There are days when the monotony of seeing men and women in business attire, bustling down the streets can be a bit oppressive (NOTE: I’m rolling my eyes at this statement). But then there are the days when this hustle becomes background noise and I begin to notice the art that are displayed in the concrete city.

It was on a lunch break a that I noticed a piece by Micah Lexier. It’s massive and I couldn’t believe that this was the first time I was noticing it.



Micah Lexier, Two Circles, 2016
Location: Bay Adelaide Centre (East Tower), Toronto

For me, the installation didn’t have enough, let alone any, signage that provided my curious mind information such as who the piece was by, why was it here and what it was about. After some cursory internet sleuthing I located a document that provided some of the backstory I was looking for. This Toronto City staff report outlines the Bay Adelaide Centre Art Plan.

Lexier’s pieces are conceptual in nature, and with Two Circles not having any signage, it is really up to the viewer to make sense of the piece. Considering its location I have a a deep sense of the piece being about empty and full, or having and not-having. But, perhaps that is also me reading my own truth in it. Walking around at lunch, longing to spend time on my passion, this piece found me.